My Name is Mostafa Mahmoud , B.sc of computer science and information system department of information system mansoura university , Egypt , I am intersted in IT in General and in programming in specific . I had an Excellent knowledge in Dot Net framework 2.0 , 3.5 , 4.0 and C# language specification , good at Asp.Net 2.0, 3.5 ,4.0 , good at XML , Fair at SOA using C#, and in specific Excellent in using ADO.Net 2.0,3.5,4.0 and socket programming , very good at using SQL Server 2000- 2005-2008-2012 as a database engine  Excellent handling of Oracle database specifically in SQl , PL/SQL , very good at forms and reports, recently i worked in Dynamics AX ERP Field as Technical Consultant  .

My career started when I got a summer training  in July 2008 at Minimax company , and then after graduation and finishing my Military service , I got employed in El Raed information Technology one of Microsoft Partners working in Dynamics ERP’s Family, at first I was working as Dot net developer in  payroll project in one of the biggest Governmental agencies in Egypt called EL Kawmiah for newspaper distribution with 1800 Employees and Three Branches , then I moved to work as Technical consultant for GP and RMS Integration projects which my role was actually support the team  projects and provide  them with any customer requested requirement and enhancement , then in Dec 2012  I moved to work as MS Dynamics AX  Technical consultant for Two  project working in same industry (Pharmacies Retailers ),Actually I was responsible for supporting them in any technical subjects related to the project including domain server ,My Role was to Finish Retail POS Customization which is simply providing POS with  screens that enable cashiers to Sell item for customer who are under medical insurance programs , item sold contain co-payment ratio For Example (if  the total receipt amount Is  100 EGP then  the Customer will pay  20 EGP and Company will Pay 80 EGP ) , after finish these phase I got In to enhancement phase which contain for example providing and off-line Stock for Retail POS which enable the cashier to  inquiry and validate items before selling it even if there is no connection between the HQ during the transaction which was actually out of the box feature for AX 2012 POS , after  I deliver the required customization in POS and Back office in both projects I worked in payroll project which actually had different business requirement in both projects my role was to implement and customize and deliver what customer needs , at 12 jul 2013 I moved to work in Shabakah Net Company which is saudian ISP Company investing in ERP Business and my role here is to develop a payroll add on in ax which is a vertical that should cover all the expected business in Arab countries like Egypt and Gulf area, I contributed in upgrade project from AX 2012 FB to AX 2012 R2 and my role was connecting the old installed  feature POS with the new AX 2012 R2 HQ and upgrade the customization for FB to R2 also   , Finally thanks for being interested to read my bio.




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